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Terre des hommes


Terre des hommes, founded in 1960, is an independent, neutral and impartial Swiss organisation committed to bringing meaningful and lasting change to the lives of children and youth, especially to those most exposed to risks. Tdh strives to improve their well-being and ensure the effective application of their rights as defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other relevant human rights instruments. It focuses on the areas of maternal and child health, children and youth migration, and access to justice. Tdh aims to empower children and youth through active participation, and it advocates for the respect of children’s rights, supporting them in voicing their needs and interests.

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The Social Activities and Practices Institute is a Bulgarian organization working to reconcile theory and practice, knowledge and actual assistance of children and families at risk. SAPI works for the professionalization of social practice with children and families by developing new, science-based models, building capacity and knowledge sharing among professionals. Its activities are led by a positive attitude towards all parts involved, the respect of human rights and the empowerment of beneficiaries. 

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Defence for Children International


Defence for Children International (DCI) is a leading child rights-focused and membership-based grassroots movement founded in 1979 and now present worldwide. Its mandate is to ensure effective implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) at the local, national and international level. Its International Secretariat is based in Geneva, Switzerland, while a World Service Foundation is based in Brussels.

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Child Rights Center


The Child Rights Centre is an association of citizens established in 1997 to uphold child rights in Serbia. It aims to build  a favourable institutional and legislative framework for the full achievement of child rights in the country through the introduction and implementation of laws, policies and practices that enable the improvement of the welfare of the child, the protection of their rights and their full participation in society.

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Child Circle 

child circle

Founded in Brussels in 2014, Child Circle acts as a centre of expertise and action on child rights, child protection and European measures, with a particular focus on EU child friendly justice measures in the field of children in migration, child victims of violence and child suspects of crime. Through our participation in European projects and collaborative initiatives, Child Circle contributes to building knowledge, and developing and promoting tools in line with international standards and best practices, on regional child protection measures across borders and professions.

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